Wrapper for Magento ImportExport functionality, which imports products and customers from arrays
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Wrapper for Magento ImportExport functionality which imports data from arrays




This module allows to import from arrays and thus using any import source, while the Magento module only imports from files. ImportExport exists since Magento 1.5 CE / 1.10 EE, image import since 1.6 CE / 1.11 EE. Thus, this module needs at least one of those versions. ImportExport has a special import format. See specifications about the expected format.

Main Features:

  • Fast Import using the built in Magento module ImportExport
  • Partial Indexing of only the imported products available
  • Unit tests for many test cases included
  • Importing of additional entities: Categories, Category-Product relations
  • Improved error messages stating which values are expected instead of a given value

Please see our documentation for a full list of features.


  • PHP >= 5.3.0
  • Mage_ImportExport


  • Magento >= / Magento EE >=

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the extension via GitHub, composer or a similar method.
  2. If you are using the Enterprise Edition then add <Enterprise_ImportExport/> to the <depends> node directly after <Mage_ImportExport/>
  3. Clear the cache, logout from the admin panel and then login again.
  4. Read the documentation
  5. Configure the extension at System -> Configuration -> Services -> FastSimpleImport.


  1. Remove all extension files from your Magento installation


If you have any issues with this extension, open an issue on GitHub.


Any contribution is highly appreciated. The best way to contribute code is to open a pull request on GitHub.

Lead Developers

Andreas von Studnitz http://www.integer-net.de/agentur/andreas-von-studnitz/ @avstudnitz

Paul Hachmang http://www.h-o.nl/ @paales

Simon Sprankel http://simonsprankel.de/ @SimonSprankel


OSL - Open Software Licence 3.0