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Fluid Community Meeting May 13
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Fluid Community Meeting May13 Demo

This repository contains Ansible and Vagrant examples presented at a Fluid Project Community Meeting on May 13, 2015. The example playbooks use YAML and not the Ansible shorthand syntax.



You will need to install the following:

Getting Started

The Vagrantfile allows one to allocate a specific amount of RAM or virtual CPUs using the VM_RAM and VM_CPUS environment variables. For example the following will allocate 2GB of memory and start the VM:

VM_RAM=2048 vagrant up

If this is your first time starting this VM then the shell provisioner in the Vagrantfile will be executed. The shell provisioner will run the jenkins.yml playbook. If you would like to run the provisioner again you can use the following command:

vagrant provision

You should also try the vagrant ssh command to log into the VM and run the example.yml playbook:

vagrant ssh
ansible-playbook /vagrant/example.yml
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