Perl6 bindings to (de)compress data in Google's Snappy compression format
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Compress::Snappy - (de)compress data in Google's Snappy compression format


my Buf $compressed = Compress::Snappy::compress("hello, world");
my Bool $valid = Compress::Snappy::validate($compressed);
my Buf $decompressed = Compress::Snappy::decompress($compressed);

See also examples/test.p6


This module uses NativeCall to provide bindings to the C API for libsnappy, a compression library with an emphasis on speed over compression.


Compress::Snappy::compress(Blob $uncompressed) returns Buf

Main compression function. Returns a Buf of compressed data.

Compress::Snappy::compress(Str $uncompressed, Str $encoding = 'utf-8') returns Buf

Convenience function to make a Str to an encoded Blob and compress that. Encoding defaults to utf-8 if not specified.

Compress::Snappy::decompress(Blob $compressed, Str $encoding)

Decompress provided data to a Buf. If an optional $encoding is specified, will decode the Buf and return a Str instead.

Compress::Snappy::validate(Blob $compressed) returns Bool

Returns if the compressed data is valid, without fully decompressing it.


Snappy on Google Code

Snappy on GitHub