The Franc Natural Language Detection library as a binary file
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Franc as Binary

The Franc Natural Language Detection library inside a single executable with no dependencies.

Getting Started

Download the pre-built binary for your Operating System from the Release page.

franc-bin [options] <string>

where <string> is the text to recognize


  • -h, --help output usage information
  • -v, --version output Franc version number
  • -m, --min-length <number> minimum length to accept
  • -w, --whitelist <string> allow specific languages
  • -b, --blacklist <string> disallow specific languages
  • -a, --all display all guesses with probability score

Usage examples

output language

$ franc "Alle menslike wesens word vry"
# afr

output language from stdin (expects utf8)

$ echo "এটি একটি ভাষা একক IBM স্ক্রিপ্ট" | franc
# ben

blacklist certain languages

$ franc --blacklist por,glg "O Brasil caiu 26 posições"
# src

Supported languages

Support 186 languages. See Franc supported languages for more info.

Franc can support more than 380 languages, but I this package stops at 186

Compile from source


  • NodeJS (8.0 or newer)
  • NPM

Yes, it is a Javascript project, but thanks to PKG, by Zeit can be packed into a real executable.

Generate the binaries

Download all the dependencies

# pull the dependencies
npm install

Now generate the binaries for MacOS, Windows and Linux in the ./dist folder

# Build the executables
npm run production


Contributions are welcomed, just make a pull request.


This project is licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt.