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Aviation Weather parsing engine. METAR & TAF
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Aviation Weather parsing engine. METAR, TAF, and PIREP


The easiest way to get started is to download the library from pypi using pip

pip install avwx-engine

Basic Usage

Reports use ICAO idents when specifying the desired station. Exceptions are thrown if a potentially invalid ident is given.

>>> import avwx
>>> metar = avwx.Metar('KJFK')
'John F Kennedy International Airport'
>>> metar.update()

You can learn more by reading the project documentation

Note: This library requires Python 3.6 or above


Download and install the source code and its dependencies:

git clone
cd AVWX-Engine
pip install -U .

Code checked into this repository is expected to be run through the black code formatter first.

# Install black
pip install black

# Format py package files
find avwx -iname "*.py" | xargs black


The easiest way to test the package is using nox. It will manage all tests, sessions, supported versions (when available), and cleanup. The tests will pick up the local version of avwx.

# Install
pip install nox

# Run all tests

If you want to run the tests directly, the test suite was built while using the pytest library.

# Install
pip install pytest

# Run all unit tests

The end-to-end test files were generated using util/ and placed into tests/{report}. Because Timestamp generation interprets the text based on the current date, Timestamp objects are nullified in the end-to-end tests.


AVWX uses Sphinx to build its documentation. It's just another install:

pip install sphinx

To build the docs:

cd docs
make html
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