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bcrypt hashing for PicoLisp

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This library can be used to hash strings (ex: passwords) using bcrypt in PicoLisp.


  1. Requirements
  2. Getting Started
  3. Usage
  4. Examples
  5. Testing
  6. Contributing
  7. License


  • PicoLisp 64-bit v3.1.9+
  • Tested up to PicoLisp v20.6.29, see test runs
  • Git
  • UNIX/Linux development/build tools (gcc, make/gmake, etc..)

Getting Started

These FFI bindings require the bcrypt C library, compiled as a shared library.

  1. Type make to pull and compile the bcrypt C Library.
  2. Include bcrypt.l in your project
  3. Try the examples below

Linking and Paths

Once compiled, the shared library is symlinked as:

.lib/ -> .modules/bcrypt/HEAD/

The bcrypt.l file searches for .lib/, relative to its current directory.


To keep everything updated, type:

git pull && make clean && make


Only the following functions are exported publicly:

  • (gensalt Factor) generates a salt to be used for hashing a string
    • Factor Number: a Number between 4 and 31, defaults to 12 otherwise
  • (hashpw Passwd Salt) hashes a string with the salt provided
    • Passwd String: the String to be hashed
    • Salt String or Number (optional): a hash String or Number used as a cost Factor (will generate a salt automatically if a Number is provided)
  • (compare Passwd Hash) a predicate which compares the password and hash. Returns NIL or T.
    • Passwd String: the password String
    • Hash String: the hashed String of the password
  • (timing Factor) calculates the timing of a password hashing, in seconds. Returns the factor in car and seconds in cdr

Note: These functions are not namespace local symbols, which means they would redefine symbols with the same name in the 'pico namespace.


  • The default cost Factor is 12.
  • As rule of thumb, when using bcrypt to hash passwords, it should take at least 1 second per hash. Adjust the cost Factor based on the result of a few (timing) runs.
  • The 'InternalError message will be thrown if there's an error.


(gensalt Factor)

pil +

(load "bcrypt.l")

-> "$2a$12$mQn1fUDeEZFW74KD5kU6g."

(gensalt 14)
-> "$2a$14$kjOSmjZeLsBdru7NRPEmQu"

(hashpw Passwd Salt)

pil +

(load "bcrypt.l")

(hashpw "changeme")
-> "$2a$12$mmxN/qk8yvfjCx./KXtgfuqnUFsXjYv1ZTZmkMtdQ94rTDngiXpsq"

(hashpw "changeme" 14)
-> "$2a$14$gZLc8eII8kCbXgFp2rUcv.PPr/oPioojVy0yP0HMU6z2La.v4pEnG"

(hashpw "changeme" "$2a$14$kjOSmjZeLsBdru7NRPEmQu")
-> "$2a$14$kjOSmjZeLsBdru7NRPEmQuL5eU5YN4Yb48bD1A0Pxzwu/3G/7kwBy"

(compare Passwd Hash)

pil +

(load "bcrypt.l")

(compare "changeme" "$2a$14$kjOSmjZeLsBdru7NRPEmQuL5eU5YN4Yb48bD1A0Pxzwu/3G/7kwBy")
-> T

(compare "changeme" "$2a$12$2Lgk0P5s5VsxDUM2aa/HFu/6DwHce1lbUwJ1kTm092DwEeDRHHYBy")
-> NIL

(catch 'InternalError (compare "changeme" "I have no idea what i'm doing"))
-> (BcryptError . "Unable to hash password")

(timing Factor)

pil +

(load "bcrypt.l")

-> (12 . 0)

(timing 15)
-> (15 . 4)


This library now comes with full unit tests. To run the tests, type:

make check


If you find any bugs or issues, please create an issue.

If you want to improve this library, please make a pull-request.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2015-2020 Alexander Williams, Unscramble