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Your GitHub Portfolio

Curate your code and show the world how great you are


Here's an example of my curated portfolio.


Some people believe GitHub is not your CV. I agree with the idea that a profile without context is meaningless, but rather than sit back and complain, I decided to do something about it.

This weekend project of mine is designed to help developers showcase their work. It's a place to curate your code (open source or not), and provide potential employers an opportunity to see how you think, how you work, the context of your code, and why you might be a good fit for their company.

Getting started

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Edit the settings in the index.html file
  3. Add posts to the _posts directory following the jekyll format: see
  4. Add a CNAME if you want a custom domain.
  5. Test your portfolio locally: jekyll serve


The index.html file contains 4 settings which allow you to specify your GitHub username, your fullname, the Bootswatch theme, and the Highlight.js syntax highlighter of your choice.


bootswatch: journal
highlightjs: github
githubuser: aw
fullname: Alexander Williams


Your posts will appear in reverse chronological order (newest first). The site can be navigated using left/right arrow keys, by swiping (mobile) or clicking the arrow buttons.

Simply copy the and edit to your liking.

Once published, your portfolio will be visible on

Some notes

  • fav_snippet, fav_snippet_url, fav_review are optional. The template will render without them if they're omitted.
  • There are 5 status types: open, closed, merged for pull requests, and in-progress, deprecated for regular projects.
  • language is used for syntax highlighting your fav_snippet
  • review should be written in proper English prose. Explain your work, constraints, ideas and motivations for having written the code.
  • fav_snippet and fav_review can be used to highlight something you appreciate in your code. It can be a great one-liner, or a line you were ecstatic to remove.


This project uses many open sourced projects which are licensed under MIT or BSD.

You can view the list in the NOTICE file.


Many thanks go out to the various people who have contributed and dedicated countless "free" hours to these open source projects. Your hard work is very much appreciated.


If you make improvements, please do a pull-request so others can benefit from them.

Current portfolios

Here are other developers using this as their portfolio.

If you're using this for your own code, please modify the and add your name/url to the list so others can discover your great work (alphabetical order please, sort by first name).


All code is licensed under the MIT license.

All original texts and images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs license.


Curate your code and show the world how great you are








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