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JettyDesktop is a convenient desktop GUI for running up Java Web App (exploded WAR) applications. You can run up multiple servers at once and control and monitor them from one place.

Main App Window

Each server is run up in its own Java Virtual Machine, using either the default one that you started the desktop launcher with, or by specifying an alternative one. When a server is running it is given its own tab that captures its console output.

Edit WebApp


You can download the .ZIP file

The application is shipped as a standard Java Swing application requires at least Java6 to run.


You can double click on the JettyDesktop.exe executable that will run up the application using the default Java installation that is in your system path. Alternatively, you can edit the JettyDesktop.bat specifying the full path to the Java virtual machine.

Linux, Apple

The file will run up the application using the default Java Virtual Machine.

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