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A simple PowerShell profile to make its console window look a bit like the Terminal on macOS.
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A simple PowerShell profile to make its console window look a bit like the Terminal on macOS.


The screenshots show some Git hints from the powerful PowerShell extension posh-git. To match the brighter look in the right window, the default colors were slightly modified.

Use the customized fork poshx-git to get the same look with PoshX.


  1. Head over to the PowerShell profile folder:

    default: C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Documents\WindowsPowerShell

    If there's no profile file yet, simply copy the ps1-file into that folder.

    If there's already a profile file, merge the contents from the ps1-file to it.

  2. If you open a new PowerShell window, you should see a mix if the old background combined with a white background around the text. To fix this, you need to set the backcolor to "White" manually once.

    • Run PowerShell
    • Right-click the title bar
    • Go to "Properties", tab "Colors"
    • Select the checkbox "Screen Background"
    • Choose "White"
    • Close the PowerShell console
  3. Optional: I'd say that the default font is not that appealing. For me the font Consolas 15pt works best. This can be changed in the same dialog as seen in step 2. under the tab "Font".

New instances will start in the desired new style.


If you merged the file contents in Installation step 1, simply remove the inserted lines again.

If you copied the whole file to the PowerShell profile folder, simply delete it again.

You may reset the backcolor manually again (like shown in step 2) if you set it during the installation.

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