A lightweight git repository hub for Windows and macOS with Windows Explorer- & CLI-enhancements
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RepoZ is a lightweight git repository hub with Windows Explorer- & CLI-enhancements. It uses the git repositories on your machine to create an efficient navigation widget and makes sure you'll never loose track of your work along the way.

Keep your favorite git clients, RepoZ will not compete with them. It's not about working within a repository to commit stuff or analyse logs: It's a new way to use all of your repositories to make your daily work easier.

Let's face it, we don't just have that one single repository we're working on.

Try RepoZ, it's so easy: There's no additional work to do, no configuration to set up, no refresh to trigger. It just works.

📦 Check the Releases page to download the latest version!

The Hub windows macos

The hub provides a quick overview of your repositories including their current branch and a short status information. Additionally, it offers some shortcuts like revealing a repository in the Windows Explorer or macOS Finder, opening a command line tool in a given repository and checking out git branches.

RepoZ is available for Windows and macOS.


"Well ok, that's a neat summary ..." you might say "... but how does this help?".

If you are working on different git repositories throughout the day, you might find yourself wasting time by permanently switching over from one repository to another. If you are like me, you tend to keep all those windows open to be reused later, ending up on a window list which has to be looped through all the time.

With RepoZ, you can instantly jump into a given repository with a file browser or command prompt. This is shown in the following gif.


For Windows, use the hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+R to show RepoZ. On Mac it's Command+Alt+R*.

To open a file browser, simply press Return on the keyboard once you selected a repository. To open a command prompt instead, hold Ctrl on Windows or Command on macOS while pressing Return. These modifier keys will also work with mouse navigation.

* On Mac you need to give RepoZ access to the keyboard events in the system privacy settings. Once you have done this, you might need to restart the app.

Command Line Sidekick windows

RepoZ is a UI-centered tool but comes with a sidekick app called grr to empower the command line hackers. With grr, the information from RepoZ can be brought to any command line tool.

It supports ...

  • listing all repositories found in RepoZ including their branch and status information
  • filtering for repository names (to list or jump) by RegEx patterns, like grr [M.*]
  • jumping directly to a repository path by adding the cd command, like grr cd MyRepo
  • opening a file browser in a repository from anywhere in your command prompt with grr open MyRepo
  • list files in a repository following a pattern with grr list MyRepo *.sln (add -r for recursive search)
  • open files in a repository directly with grr open MyRepo *.sln (add -e for elevated mode, "as Admin")

See it in action in a (styled) powershell console: Screenshot

Don't forget to have a look at grr help once you get your hands on.

Enhanced Windows Explorer Titles windows

As an extra goodie for Windows users, RepoZ automatically detects open File Explorer windows and adds a status appendix to their title if they are in context of a git repository.



The grr app icon was made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com and is licensed by CC 3.0 BY