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Places to learn Ruby and Rails at all levels.
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I want to learn ruby

A community driven list of resources for people to learn ruby, whether they're ruby newbies or advanced users.

How to Contribute New Resources

  1. Create a new file under _posts with name year-month-date-name.html
  2. Copy the contents of template.html into that file.
  3. Fill out/delete items from the header section as necessary.
  4. Add a description to the bottom of the file.
  5. [Optional] Add a 300x180 image to /images.
  6. You're done! Send in a pull request!

What to Contribute

Any resources you know that people can use to learn ruby (or rails, or anything else you think relevant).

Resources I'm aware of that I haven't had a chance to evaluate and/or add yet include:

Improvements to the code or the site are also appreciated. Some ideas:

  • Add rake task to generate new posts
  • Add javascript filtering by free/not free, level, instruction
  • Clean up the javascript so you can link to specific selections


Tragically, I haven't had time (or money) to try all of these resources - I'm relying on impressions and descriptions for some of them. If you feel the level is inaccurate, or the description is misleading, or you just don't like it - feel free to change it and send me a pull request! I'd greatly appreciate it.

Many of the descriptions are taken directly from the resource's site, I mean no copyright infringement by this.


iwanttolearnruby is released under the MIT license. Attribution is appreciated, but not required.

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