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+layout: default
+title: ReadySetRails
+categories: [ruby, rails]
+level: [beginner]
+instruction: [online, course, video, text, newsletter]
+price: [Varies]
+image: readysetrails.png
+ Learning Rails is <strong>hard</strong>. The acronyms, the conventions, the related technologies...It's a lot to face on your own.
+The ReadySetRails <strong>live online</strong> workshop is designed to get you over the learning curve. No programming experience needed. In 8 intensive hours, you'll work with modern dev tools like Git and Heroku to launch your own app. The core concepts like REST and MVC are covered well, and all the alumni get unlimited instructor support after the course via a private forum.
+<p><strong>Learn interactively:</strong> Once you beat the learning curve, then all the free screencasts and tutorial blogs make a lot more sense. You'll learn to think like a web developer!
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