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Laravel CRUD Generator

Packagist Licence StyleCI

This Laravel Generator package provides and generate Controller, Model (with eloquent relations) and Views in Bootstrap for your development of your applications with single command.

  • Will create Model with Eloquent relations
  • Will create Controller with all resources
  • Will create views in Bootstrap


Laravel >= 5.5
PHP >= 7.1


1 - Install

composer require ibex/crud-generator --dev

2- Publish the default package's config

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=crud


php artisan make:crud {table_name}

php artisan make:crud banks

Add a route in web.php

Route::resource('banks', 'BankController');

Route name in plural slug case.


  • Custom Route
php artisan make:crud {table_name} --route={route_name}


Model Model

Controller Controller

Listing Listing

Form Form


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