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Awaitility has a support module called awaitility-kotlin that contains a file called AwaitilityKt (in package org.awaitility.kotlin which contains some useful extension functions.


Import this extension function (import org.awaitility.kotlin.untilCallTo) and then you can write tests like this:

val myRepository : MyRepository = ...

// Wait until call to myRepository.count() is equal to 3
await().untilCallTo { myRepository.count() } matches { count -> count == 3 }

Other Examples

As of version 3.1.2 you can also do for example:

await withPollInterval ONE_HUNDRED_MILLISECONDS ignoreException IllegalArgumentException::class untilAsserted  {


await withAlias "Kotlin Test" ignoreExceptionsInstanceOf
      IllegalArgumentException::class withPollDelay ONE_HUNDRED_MILLISECONDS withPollInterval
      fibonacci().with().offset(1).and().timeUnit(MILLISECONDS) atLeast TWO_HUNDRED_MILLISECONDS atMost
      ONE_MINUTE untilCallTo { fakeRepository.value } matches { it == 1 }

Use the following Maven dependency:



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