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Release Notes 2.0.0


  • Added atLeast support, for example:

    await().atLeast(1, SECONDS).and().atMost(2, SECONDS).until(value(), equalTo(1));

    Thanks to Oleksii for helping out.

  • Updates to the groovy module. org.awaitility.groovy.AwailitySupport, org.awaitility.groovy.AwaitilityGroovyBridge and org.awaitility.groovy.AwaitilityTrait have been deprecated. The reason is that both AwaitilitySupport and AwaitilityTrait have big flaws. When not used for one test class, these test cases might or might not fail, depending on execution order. For this an AwaitilityExtensionModule has been created which automatically adds the new method until(Closure) to the ConditionFactory. So with Groovy 2 and above, there is effectively no need any more to use AwaitilitySupport, AwaitilityTrait or AwaitilityGroovyBridge. All you need to do is add awaitility-groovy to your classpath and you are good. Thanks to Tobias Schulte for pull request.

  • Improved Scala support. Previously only boolean expressions could be passed to until in Scala but now you can pass any supported type. For example you can now use assertj conditions:

    await until { assertThat(c1.count() + c2.count(),  is(6)) }

    Thanks to Grzegorz Ligas for pull request

Backward incompatible changes

  • Awaitility now requires Java 6 (Java 5 was previously required)

  • The package name has been changed to org.awaitility from com.jayway.awaitility. A simple search-and-replace should be enough when upgrading.

  • The groupId has been updated to org.awaitility from com.jayway.awaitility. So if you previously had this in your pom.xml:


    you should now change to:


Minor changes

Refer to the change log.

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