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Generate nix expression to fetch a docker image

This tool takes a docker registry V2 image manifest JSON on stdin or as a file to read from and generates a Nix expression that uses the fetchdocker machinery to pull all individual layers and generate an image compositor that can stream to docker load.


$ docker2nix --help
Produce a Nix expression given a manifest for a docker image via stdin or via a

Usage: docker2nix [--registry URI] [--manifest STRING] [--altName TEXT]
                  IMAGE-NAME IMAGE-TAG

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --registry URI           URI of registry, defaults to the Docker Hub registry
  --manifest STRING        Fetch image manifest from a path on the filesystem
  --altName TEXT           Alternate image name provided in the `fetcdocker`
  IMAGE-NAME               Docker image name, e.g: 'debian' in debian:jessie
  IMAGE-TAG                Docker image tag identifier, e.g: 'jessie' in

Generating a fetchdocker Nix expression from a docker registry V2 image manifest JSON retrieved by hocker-manifest:

$ hocker-manifest library/debian jessie | docker2nix library/debian jessie
{ fetchDockerConfig, fetchDockerLayer, fetchdocker }:
fetchdocker {
    name = "debian";
    registry = "";
    repository = "library";
    imageName = "debian";
    tag = "jessie";
    imageConfig = fetchDockerConfig {
      inherit registry repository imageName tag;
      sha256 = "1rwinmvfc8jxn54y7qnj82acrc97y7xcnn22zaz67y76n4wbwjh5";
    imageLayers = let
      layer0 = fetchDockerLayer {
        inherit registry repository imageName tag;
        layerDigest = "cd0a524342efac6edff500c17e625735bbe479c926439b263bbe3c8518a0849c";
        sha256 = "1744l0c8ag5y7ck9nhr6r5wy9frmaxi7xh80ypgnxb7g891m42nd";
      in [ layer0 ];

And to load a fetched docker image into a running docker daemon on a NixOS system (NB the preferred method to do the below might be in a systemd unit with the config.docker.images.debian attribute parametrizing the path to

$ /nix/store/6qn5i7p6x3c3qylvzqf76fqgd0gl47cv-debian/ | docker load
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