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What is this

Efficient and fast sound (i.e. record) recognition software.

Where can You use it

  • You can listen to live radio station and log how many your advertisements are played per day
  • You can scan your music library for multiple recordings
  • You can match special operator messages when trying to initiate a VoIP call (for example, "phone is out of radio coverage")


Let us launch an example test:

./waf configure test

This configures, builds, installs SoundPatty to current directory, downloads sample.wav and catch_me.wav. sample.wav is a sample we want to capture in a catch_me.wav stream. Listen to both wavs if unclear :-)

SoundPatty supports any format sox supports and Jack. File inputs usage is self-descriptive in ./waf test.

You can try jack like this:

$ mplayer -ao jack:name=mp 

(in another console)

$ ./soundpatty -a capture -c config.cfg -s samplefile.txt -d jack mp:out_0

For automatic automatic jack channel capturing:

$ ./soundpatty -a capture -c config.cfg -s samplefile.txt -d jack -m

This option is suitable for VoIP. You need just to open the Jack port with callee (caller) audio and SoundPatty will recognize and alert for you :-)

Please note

Create sample files with the same driver you will capture, otherwise capturing might not work.


  • Make capturing algorithm more tolerant about items in the first positions (say, 30% allowed ranges) and more restrictive at the end. This would help immensely for determining whether record is "recognize-able" or not.
  • Test and substitute map<int, Range>::equal_range in SoundPatty::do_checking, performance cost now. O(n) instead of O(log n)
  • Force sample creation and detection with same input driver (jack and file)
  • Logger displays fractions of seconds incorrectly for fractions below 1000
  • Run through valgrind.