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A toy AI problem to create a program that guesses the animal the player is thinking of. The program also learns new information to make a better guess next time.
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Animal Guessing Game is a toy project in Artificial Intelligence and is one of the best introductory projects for programmers who want to learn AI. I am taking Artificial Intelligence course for my fifth semester and this is my first AI project.

Animal Guessing Game as the name suggests the guesses the animal that the player is thinking of. Here is how the game goes:


First, the Animal Guessing Game agent aks the player to think of an animal. Then the agent will ask a series of Yes/No questions to narrow down its guess. When the agent runs out of questions to ask, it makes a guess and asks if it got is correct.

If the agent got the answer correct, it wins. Otherwise, the agent asks the player what it was thinking of and also asks what question should the agent had asked to make the correct guess. In other words, the agent learns from the player so that it can make a better guess next time.

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