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Prometheus MSSQL Exporter Docker Container

Prometheus exporter for Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL). Exposes the following metrics

  • mssql_instance_local_time Number of seconds since epoch on local instance
  • mssql_connections{database,state} Number of active connections
  • mssql_deadlocks Number of lock requests per second that resulted in a deadlock since last restart
  • mssql_user_errors Number of user errors/sec since last restart
  • mssql_kill_connection_errors Number of kill connection errors/sec since last restart
  • mssql_log_growths{database} Total number of times the transaction log for the database has been expanded last restart
  • mssql_page_life_expectancy Indicates the minimum number of seconds a page will stay in the buffer pool on this node without references. The traditional advice from Microsoft used to be that the PLE should remain above 300 seconds
  • mssql_io_stall{database,type} Wait time (ms) of stall since last restart
  • mssql_io_stall_total{database} Wait time (ms) of stall since last restart
  • mssql_batch_requests Number of Transact-SQL command batches received per second. This statistic is affected by all constraints (such as I/O, number of users, cachesize, complexity of requests, and so on). High batch requests mean good throughput
  • mssql_page_fault_count Number of page faults since last restart
  • mssql_memory_utilization_percentage Percentage of memory utilization
  • mssql_total_physical_memory_kb Total physical memory in KB
  • mssql_available_physical_memory_kb Available physical memory in KB
  • mssql_total_page_file_kb Total page file in KB
  • mssql_available_page_file_kb Available page file in KB

Please feel free to submit other interesting metrics to include.


docker run -e SERVER= -e USERNAME=SA -e PASSWORD=qkD4x3yy -e DEBUG=app -p 4000:4000 --name prometheus-mssql-exporter awaragi/prometheus-mssql-exporter

The image supports the following environments and exposes port 4000

  • SERVER server ip or dns name (required)
  • PORT server port (optional defaults to 1443)
  • USERNAME access user (required)
  • PASSWORD access password (required)
  • DEBUG comma delimited list of enabled logs (optional currently supports app and metrics)

It is required that the specified user has the following permissions



Launch via command line

SERVER=sqlserver PORT=sqlport<1443> USERNAME=sqluser PASSWORD=sqluserpassword EXPOSE=webport<4000> node ./index.js

To enable debugging set the environment variable DEBUG to app and/or metrics (DEBUG=app)

for example: DEBUG=app,metrics SERVER= USERNAME=SA PASSWORD=qkD4x3yy node ./index.js

building and pushing image to dockerhub

npm run push

Launch a mock mssql server

docker run -e ACCEPT_EULA=Y -e SA_PASSWORD=qkD4x3yy -p 1433:1433 --name mssql -d microsoft/mssql-server-linux

To use a persistent storage include -v /mypath:/var/opt/mssql/data


Docker container for exporting MSSQL statistics to Prometheus




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