DynModules - a modular Robotlegs example
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DynModules is a Flex 4 example that uses the Robotlegs AS3 micro-architecture
framework and Joel Hooks version of the Robotlegs Modular Utility to communicate
between modules that can be loaded dynamically. The example is loosely based on
Joel Hooks great Modular Doodads application and on information I found in the Robotlegs Knowledge Base.

Official Robotlegs Website
Robotlegs Knowledge Base
Joel Hooks Modular Doodads Application

The DynModules example consists of a main application and selectable modules for
input (sliders or form) and for output (piechart or columnchart). By loading the
input and output modules at runtime, the appearance of the application can
easily be made device or user specific (e.g. slider inputs for a touch-enabled
device, an extended form for an administrator).

The modules and main application are wired together by Robotlegs and the Modular
Utility using automated, metadata based Dependency Injection. Not only does this
greatly reduce the amount of code needed, it also structures the application and
makes alterations much easier.

The example consists of a main application and four selectable runtime modules: “In1.swf”(sliders),
“In2.swf”(form), “Out1.swf”(piechart) and “Out2.swf”(barchart).

To run the application, first compile the four modules In1.mxml, In2.mxml, Out1.mxml and Out2.mxml and then
place the swfs in the bin subdirectories defined by the url property of the corresponding moduleLoader.
(e.g. bin/com/riamore/labs/robotlegs/examples/dynmodules/modules/in1/In1.swf)

Terms of Use
Any portion of this example may be reused for any purpose where not licensed by another party restricting
such use. Please leave the credits intact.

Arjen Wassenaar RIAmore.com demo: http://www.riamore.com/content/robotlegs/examples/dynmodules
(link updated 20170605)