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import System.IO
def testCaseNameFor(fname as string):
return Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(fname).Replace("-", "_")
def writeTestFixture(writer as TextWriter):
write = { o | writer.WriteLine(o) }
write """namespace Boo.OMeta.Parser.Tests
import NUnit.Framework
partial class BooParserTestFixture:
def runTestCase(fname as string):
fullName = Path.Combine(booRoundtripTestCasesPath(), fname)
parser = BooParser()
match parser.module(File.ReadAllText(fullName)):
case SuccessfulMatch(Input: input, Value: m=Module()):
assert m is not null
assert m.Documentation is not null
Assert.AreEqual(normalize(m.Documentation), normalize(m.ToCodeString()))
assert input.IsEmpty, input.ToString()
def normalize(s as string):
return s.Trim().Replace("\r\n", "\n")
[once] def booRoundtripTestCasesPath():
return Path.Combine(
def findSiblingBooDirectory(dir as string) as string:
booDir = Path.Combine(dir, "boo")
if Directory.Exists(booDir): return booDir
parent = parentDirectory(dir)
assert parent != dir
return findSiblingBooDirectory(parent)
def parentDirectory(dir as string):
return Path.GetDirectoryName(dir)
for fname as string in Directory.GetFiles("../../boo/tests/testcases/parser/roundtrip"):
continue unless fname.EndsWith(".boo")
write """
def ${testCaseNameFor(fname)}():
#writeTestFixture System.Console.Out
using writer=StreamWriter("src/Boo.OMeta.Parser.Tests/"):
writeTestFixture writer
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