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With certain 3DS files exported from MAX, odd extra line segments appear in the model when it is loaded into Away3d, and these do not appear in MAX, nor if the same exported 3DS file is loaded into Blender. It's hard to explain the problem in text, but basically, it looks like a bunch of lines fan out from a single point. Screenshots below, and I am happy to email the offending 3DS files to someone who wants to take a look at it.

Lamp Image
Highbar Image

Away3D member

Thank you for reporting. Looks like an issue with the vertex indices. Please upload the 3DS files somewhere if you can and post the link here.


Thanks for the quick response! Here are the files:

The highbar:

Textures for the highbar:

The streetlamp:

Let me know if there is anything else I can provide.

Away3D member

Thank you! I won't be able to look at right now unfortunately, so please keep the files around in your dropbox until this issue is closed, if possible.

As a workaround, try another format, or try splitting the meshes up in smaller meshes (as it could potentially be an issue with the vertex/index lists exceeding the maximum buffer size.) To rule out that possibility; how many polies are in these meshes?


No problem, I can leave them up indefinitely.

I added a trace in constructObject() in Max3DSParser to print out numVertices for each SubGeometry. The highbar has 3 SubGeometries, which have 14859, 49, and 13947, and the lamp has 2, which have 1350 and 8601.

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Thank you. I suspect the error might be in the code that splits up the 3DS geometry into sub-geometries. To work around it while waiting for a fix, manually split them in your 3D editor in ways that look good, trying to keep each individual mesh below ca 20 000 triangles.


I wanted to briefly respond to the previous thought and give some more examples. It seems as though it may be something specific to certain 3DS files rather than tied to a particular vertex or face count. Here I have a fairly complex metal table with > 47K faces, and it loads without issue:


This glass table has about 11K and comes in with a gap in the top surfaces, and another area doubled up, as if the wrong vertices are being referenced by a certain set of faces.


I don't know if that gives you any more to work with, but I wanted to let you know. Also, WRT using another format, I am getting all my models from Max and don't know of any other format that is currently supported for both Max and Away3D. the AWD2 plugin version I found on github did not result in loadable files, and OBJ files come in oddly and don't fire the loading events I would expect so I can't do some necessary processing on load like I can with 3DS. Any suggestions for alternative formats would be greatly appreciated; I have no preferences whatsoever, just looking for a smooth workflow.

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Thank you. I would still suspect that it has to do with the splitting up in sub-meshes, but having a model that works of course helps debugging.

As far as other model formats are concerned, they should all work identically in Away3D. If they don't (e.g. if one does not fire asset events) that's another bug and it would be great if you could report it.

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