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The writing homepage for Miles Rausch.

Build Status is the homepage to learn more about Miles Rausch as a writer. It's powered by Eleventy and written by me, Miles Rausch.

WHAT?? Yes, the writer, Miles Rausch, is also the developer, Miles Rausch.

What's made out of?

Generating is built on Eleventy. To see the site, we have to generate it. Eleventy builds static sites from all sorts of magic parts. There's data, posts, layouts and CSS to do styling.

To generate the site:

npm run build


Eleventy has a built-in server that can watch your files for updates and refresh the page for you. Cool? Def.

To serve the site:

npm start

Deploying uses a Node script to deploy itself. To take advantage of deploy.js, you need to define some environment variables. The project includes the dotenv npm package to help facilitate this process. Make a copy of sample.env, rename it to .env and then fill out the values appropriately for your target FTP server. DO NOT commit your new .env file. It is ignored for a reason: to keep your secrets safe.

To deploy the site:

npm run deploy
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