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Include Normal Data default on #172

JohnBrookes opened this Issue · 3 comments

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JohnBrookes Robin Lockhart

Just tested a file and got flat shading after export.
Realised theres an option "Include Normal Data"

If the AwayBuilder view is using normal data then this should be on. Or at least default on.

Robin Lockhart 80prozent was assigned
Robin Lockhart

Hi john
I will set the default for the normals to true. I think having this option to depent on the awaybuilder scengraph might get messy. Sometimes you want to explizit exlude normals from export. If the option woukd change automaticcly when importing a file, it might be confusing.....

Robin Lockhart

I have been thinking about this again.
It might be best, only to export normalData, if the "includeNormals"=true and if the "autoDeriveNormalData" of a Subgeometry is "false".
This way we do not end up exporting unnecessary normalData.
To make this happen, we would need to add the "autoDeriveNormalData" to the SubGeometryVO. (SubGeometryVO.autoDeriveNormalData)
I think it would make sense to do this for normals and for tangents.

Robin Lockhart 80prozent referenced this issue from a commit
Robin Lockhart 80prozent Fix #177 + #172 + add ogre.awd 2e63607
Robin Lockhart

I added the autoDeriveNormals and autoDerivetangents to the SubGeometryVO.
Changed default for "includeNormals" and "includeTangents" to true, but only export them if they are not autoderived.

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