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gizmo position for translation is incorrectly affected by pivot point #178

rob-bateman opened this Issue Jun 19, 2013 · 1 comment

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Away Tools member

when adjusting the pivot point on an object, the translation gizmo's position should remain unaffected as it is representing the absolute position of the objects registration point, something that does change with respect to pivot

@Greg209 Greg209 was assigned Jun 19, 2013
@Greg209 Greg209 added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 21, 2013
@Greg209 Greg209 Fixes for #180, #178, #156, #155, #83 dfee430
@Greg209 Greg209 closed this Jun 24, 2013
Away Tools member

we're nearly there but the position gizmo still isn't right

it looks like you have the position gizmo's position affected by the rotation when the pivot isn't in the same place. So for eaample, if you set an offset for the pivot of (100,0,0), and then rotate 90 degrees, the position gizmo comes with it and looks like it is at (0,0,-100). but thats incorrect, the position of the position gizmo should only be affected by the position property. So in the above example, the position gizmo should still be at (0,0,0), because we haven't changed the position yet.

@rob-bateman rob-bateman reopened this Jun 24, 2013
@Greg209 Greg209 added a commit that referenced this issue Jul 1, 2013
@Greg209 Greg209 Fixes for #178 & #198 e490764
@Greg209 Greg209 closed this Jul 1, 2013
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