Away Builder 1.0.0 Gold

@rob-bateman rob-bateman released this Jul 11, 2013 · 16 commits to master since this release

@f819d7a bumped revision number to 1.0.0 and updated binary files
@c8409e0 small update to gitignore
@ef42b8e update related to #135
@1f25744 fixed #216 fixed #215
@9da5b59 minor update
@6e7d2aa AWDEncoder: save lens.near and lens.far
@447ba7a AWDEncoder - set _debug = false
@a0004cf fix #217
@f2e860e updated swf to compile for 11.7 and with -swf-version=20
@d72d5b7 added license file
@35fe097 added bin-release folder for web