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Away Builder

Flex SDK: 4.9.1
AIR SDK: 3.7
use "-swf-version 20"
latest away3d-core:


Flex library project that contains shared sources for all Away Builder applications.
Project type: Flex library for desktop

Project file structure:

src/ - main source directory
libs/ - library directory with .swc files.

Files to include in the library:

  • src/assets/*
  • src/defaults.css

(in Flash Builder: Project Properties -> Flex Library Build Path -> Assets -> select All)


Project must be set up as Flex AIR project

Project file structure:

src/ - main source directory
src/AwayBuilderApplication.mxml - main application
src/AwayBuilderApplication-app.xml - AIR application descriptor

awaybuilder-core project must be added as linked library

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