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RabbitMQ Autocluster

A RabbitMQ plugin that clusters nodes automatically using Consul, etcd2, DNS, AWS EC2 tags or AWS Autoscaling Groups for service discovery.

Note: This plugin is not a replacement for first-hand knowledge of how to manually create a RabbitMQ cluster. If you run into issues using the plugin, you should try and manually create the cluster in the same environment as you are trying to use the plugin in. For information on how to cluster RabbitMQ manually, please see the RabbitMQ documentation.

Project Maturity and Status

This plugin is not new and has been used in production for more than 2 years.

This fork is currently not under active development. rabbitmq/rabbitmq-autocluster is the new temporary home for this project, including new releases. Please consider that fork as well.

Key ideas from rabbitmq-autocluster were integrated into RabbitMQ core for the upcoming 3.7.0 release.


Downloads of autocluster can be found on the GitHub Releases page.

Check for version compatibility in the release notes.

Important The rabbitmq_autocluster plugin requires Erlang R17.5 or higher. This may not correspond with the minimum Erlang version required by RabbitMQ.


  1. Place both autocluster-%%VSN%%.ez and the rabbitmq_aws-%%VSN%%.ez plugin files in the RabbitMQ plugins directory.
  2. Run rabbitmq-plugins enable autocluster.
  3. Configure the plugin.

Alternatively, there is a pre-built Docker Image available at on DockerHub as aweber/rabbitmq-autocluster.

Note As of version 0.5 the autocluster plugin does not have a default backend configured. See the Project Wiki for configuration details.


Configuration documentation can be found in the Project Wiki.


Instructions for setting up the development environment can be found in the Project Wiki.


BSD 3-Clause

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