A Slack Bot that sends you job posts from Work In Startups UK and Reddit
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Ruby Job SlackBot

Integrates with Job APIs to deliver jobs to people right in Slack.

The code

##JobBot JobBot is the SlackBot itself and handles the routing/matching/parsing of commands, it uses slack-ruby-bot ##JobController An instance of JobController is held by the JobBot class. It holds the jobs, sources and filters content before returning it. ##JobGrabber JobGrabber loops through sources and returns an array of Job objects populated with the data found at specified sources. It currently has adapters for Reddit, Workinstartups and HackerNews Jobs. ##SrcGrabber SrcGrabber grabs jobs from a specified source, it uses the adapter pattern and has 2 adapters: reddit.rb, workinstartups.rb and hackernews.rb. ##Adapters We have three adapters for Reddit, WorkInStartups and HNJobs, that use Redd, workinstartups-api and hnjobs, respectively. ##Job The Job object has the following fields: origin, id, title, description, created_at and link, all returned as strings.

Job is the abstraction to create a unified API for jobs coming from Reddit and WorkInStartups, there is potential for turning this into a adaptor system for jobs coming from other services, it currently only has 6 fields:

#Setup your own You're going to need to clone the repo, you can then proceed to fill out the ENV variables you need a slack custom integration token, a reddit client and secret.

Locally it's best to keep them in an .env file (with dotenv these automatically get loaded in). An example .env file is provided so you can run cp .env.example .env from the command line to set up your local environment variables.

To deploy on heroku you will need to set the variables either through the panel or with the heroku command line tools.

#Talking to the bot

hello will give you the following message:


  • jobs gives you a set of jobs
  • job <id> gives you a more in-depth description of the job
  • jobs count does what is says on the tin
  • jobs refresh will refetch all the jobs from the currently active sources

help will print the following:


  • jobs in:<category> filters by keyword present in the description of jobs (eg. jobs in mysql)
  • jobs from:<date> or jobs <date> gets jobs posted since 'date' (eg. jobs from 01/01/2016 or jobs today) NOTE: you can't have whitespaces so use underscores or hyphens instead
  • jobs src:<source> will filter to an individual source without removing/adding all the sources

##Modifying the sources

  • src shows you where we're getting the jobs from
  • add src:<name> with name in the form reddit:<subreddit> or workinstartups:<category>
  • remove src:<name> removes any source that contains name eg. remove source reddit will delete reddit:for_hire, reddit:freelance_forhire...

##Extra settings

  • jobs limit:<number> sets the maximum number of jobs displayed per command

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2016, Hugo Di Francesco and awebots.

This project is licensed under the MIT License.