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Wireless Power Levitator

This repo is for the Levitating Light project. With the aid of a couple of magnets, you can create a light that floats in the air without any wires connected to it.

Levitation Tips:

  • Build the levitation circuit first and get that system stable before starting wireless power transfer.
  • Use the potentiometer to adjust the levitation set point.
  • Secure the hall effect sensor between the magnets you want to levitate and the inductor.
  • Adding mass to the levitated object will dampen the oscillations induced by the comparator.

Wireless Power Transfer Tips:

  • Use a square wave generator to drive the N-Channel FET.
  • Find the resonant frequency by sweeping through the frequencies (mine was around 200 kHz).
  • Keep the magnetwire turns tight together to maximize efficiency.
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