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Tweets of Joy and Fury 2016 - #TAMUHack
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Tweets of Joy and Fury

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Political forecasters are constantly monitoring social media sources like Twitter, using complex analytical tools to predict which states will go to which candidate in 2016.

With TWEETS OF JOY AND FURY 2016, you too can be a political forecaster! Our mobile app collects real-time tweets about the 2016 election, analyzes their sentiment, and streams them onto a resizable map. With Tweets of Joy and Fury 2016, you can see how people from all across the country react to live political events from the comfort of your cell phone!

We sport an easy-to-use interface that allows you to customize the map to your liking. Want a macro view of the country? Just zoom out! What about the political landscape in your small town? We got you covered! Click on a tweet to get more information about where it came from, who it's about, and what they think. Regardless of whether you're a political junkie or just a concerned citizen, you'll enjoy Tweets of Joy and Fury 2016.


Millennials rely on real-time social media services like Twitter to get an honest view of the thoughts and happenings of their social circle. Twitter has become an increasingly important player in news cycles and political debates, especially for younger people from less affluent backgrounds who would normally not get an opportunity to express their views on television. We wanted to make an intuitive app that allows anyone to get a birds-eye view of political sentiment in as narrow or broad of a geographical area as they want.

How we built it

Our program uses Google Maps API to get the user's desired location and displays information on a map. Twitter's REST and Streaming APIs to collect tweets, and the Natural Language Toolkit to analyze the sentiment of tweets. ur backend and analytics was programmed in Python (Flask), and our mobile app was developed in Swift.



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