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Minimize duplicate tabs - Chrome extension
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What is it?

A simple Chrome extension that closes unnecessary new tabs if there are others with the same page already loded.

The extension currently only supports finding tabs in the active Chrome window, but later version will add options to close tabs across different windows.

Why use it?

I am the type of person that impulsively opens new tabs without reusing existing tabs. This leads me to have 20+ tabs that I don't use and just eat up my computer's resources.

Hopefully this will help me (and other impulsive tab openers) keep Chrome tabs at a minimum.


  • Find duplicate tabs across windows.
  • Close an existing tab if a URL change creates a duplicate tab.
  • Add option page to enable/disable features.
  • Test suite.
  • Better error handling (non-existent at the moment).
  • Whitelist.
  • Ignore chrome-related tabs. E.g. chrome://extensions.
  • Per-domain settings.
  • Allows user to specify how to match duplicate tabs. Ex. by url, title, domain, etc...


This is a hobby project for me, but if you are interested in contributing, feel free to fork the project and submit PR requests with bugfixes, or features!

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