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Awesome Algorand Awesome

⚡ A curated list of awesome resources related to the Algorand Blockchain.

Algorand is an open-source, proof of stake blockchain and smart contract computing platform.

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Official Resources

Official resources for Algorand.


List of wallet providers for Algorand. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is not an endorsement of any wallet provider. ⚠️ Given the attacks on MyAlgo wallet users, related sdk has been excluded from the list.

  • Pera Wallet - Secure, open source and community driven wallet for both mobile and desktop devices. Maintained by the team behind official Algorand Wallet.
  • Method Wallet - Algorand Wallet you'll love.
  • Defly Wallet - Defly is an Algorand wallet with great suit of integrated DeFi features.
  • Daffi Wallet - Daffi is a mobile wallet for Algorand with integrated access to Daffi platform.
  • Exodus - Exodus is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that supports Algorand.
  • A-Wallet - AWallet is an open source, HTML only, corporate friendly, and secure Algorand wallet.

Blockchain Explorers

List of blockchain explorers for Algorand. Used to view transactions, accounts, assets, etc.

  • Allo - Allo is a blockchain explorer for all of Algorand created by Nodely.
  • NFTExplorer - Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) explorer built by @TomassoAE and JoshLmao.
  • Pera Explorer - Algorand Accounts, Standard Asset (ASA) explorer built by Pera Wallet
  • Algorand Ballet - Algorand accounts' 2D graphs.
  • Algorand Multiverse - Algorand accounts' 3D graphs.
  • Asalytic - Analyze the Algorand NFT space.
  • Dappflow - Algorand Private Network Explorer (supports Sandbox in localhost).
  • Bitquery - Actionable, insightful blockchain GraphQL APIs for more than 30 blockchains. One of the highlighted features is the ability to query a list of Algorand block proposers.
  • Lora - Lora is a powerful visual tool designed to streamline the Algorand local development experience. It acts as both a network explorer and a tool for building and testing your Algorand applications.

Portfolio Trackers

List of portfolio trackers for Algorand. Aids in tracking the value of your assets.

  • CompX - Track or search assets, rewards, yield farming, transactions, and NFTs on the Algorand blockchain anywhere and anytime. Formerly Algogator.Finance.
  • ASA Stats - One-stop portfolio tracker used to summarize Algorand asset valuations from up to five wallet addresses.

Learning Resources

List of learning resources for Algorand. Includes courses, tutorials, and other resources.

Crash Courses

General courses

Please note these are intended for absolute beginners interested in foundational knowledge relatable to all blockchain systems. Building a theoretical understanding of the domain of Blockchain protocols is an important prerequisite that can significantly amplify your learning about Algorand technology.

  • Foundations of Blockchains - A video course by Tim Roughgarden a Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University highlighting the fundamental principles, concepts and properties of Blockchain protocols.


Development Tools

Awesome client libraries, tools, and community utilities.


  • AlgoKit CLI - The Algorand AlgoKit CLI is the one-stop shop tool for developers building on the Algorand network. Official tooling maintained by the Algorand Foundation.
  • tealinspector - Quick and easy TEAL code debugging by Hipo labs.

AlgoKit Templates

AlgoKit templates are a set of starter and production-ready baseline templates for developing and deploying Algorand applications. They are designed to be used as a starting point for developers to quickly bootstrap their projects and focus on the business logic of their applications. Refer to Creating AlgoKit Templates for a general guide on how to create your own AlgoKit templates.


  • algokit-beaker-default-template - Official AlgoKit beaker template provides a production-ready baseline for developing and deploying Beaker smart contracts. Also serves as a reference for template builders on implementing smart-contract-only algokit templates.
  • algokit-react-frontend-template - Official AlgoKit React frontend template provides a production-ready baseline for developing and deploying React frontend applications with Algorand dependencies integrated. Also serves as a reference for template builders on implementing standalone algokit frontend templates.
  • algokit-fullstack-template - Official AlgoKit fullstack template provides a production-ready baseline for developing and deploying fullstack applications with Algorand dependencies integrated. Also serves as a reference for template builders on how to combine standalone algokit templates under one full stack template project.


  • algokit-tealish-template - AlgoKit community template for quick starting a smart contract project with tealish and algojig.
  • algokit-goracle-template - Algokit community template for quick starting a smart contract project interacting with goracle.


Awesome client libraries, tools, and community utilities sorted by the language of implementation.






JavaScript & TypeScript

  • js-algorand-sdk - The Algorand JavaScript SDK & Examples.
  • algo-builder - Framework to automate development of Algorand Assets and Smart Contracts.
  • algo-builder-templates - Dapps templates for Algo Builder.
  • algonaut.js - An easier Algo sdk for front-end dapps (typescript).
  • perawallet-connect - JavaScript SDK for integrating Pera Wallet to web applications.
  • defly-connect - JavaScript SDK for integrating Defly Wallet to web applications.
  • subtopia-js - Subtopia JavaScript SDK providing convenient interfaces to interact with Subtopia platform.






  • TEALrb - A Ruby DSL for writing Algorand smart contracts. (Archived on Jan 22, 2023)


Awesome client libraries, tools, community plugins and integrations for IDEs.


  • vim-algorand-teal - Minimalistic syntax highlight for Algorand's TEAL Smart Contract language to vim.


  • algoDEA - Algorand IntelliJ Plugin.


Visual Studio

Other Development Tools

Awesome testing, debugging, deployment, monitoring and other tools for Algorand.

Smart Contracts

  • puya - PuyaPy is an official Python to TEAL compiler that allows you to write code to execute on the Algorand Virtual Machine (AVM) with Python syntax.
  • pyteal - Algorand Smart Contracts in Python.
  • beaker - A tool for smart contract development on the Algorand blockchain. Inspired by flask.
  • pyteal-utils - PyTEAL utilities library.
  • reach - A domain-specific language for building cross chain decentralized applications (DApps).
  • aqua-compiler - An expressive high level language for the Algorand block chain that compiles to TEAL code.
  • algoml - A domain-specific language for specifying Algorand smart contracts, which compiles into TEAL scripts.
  • tealang - A high level language for Algorand ASC1 and TEAL.
  • ASC Builder - A GUI (drag and drop) tool for developing & deploying Algorand smart contracts developed by Algoknox.
  • tealish - Tealish is a readable language for the Algorand Virtual Machine. It enables developers to write TEAL in a procedural style optimized for readability.
  • avm-semantics - Algorand Virtual Machine and TEAL Semantics in K framework. Aids with testing and formal verification of smart contracts.
  • TEALScript - Enables Algorand smart contract development with native TypeScript syntax, tooling, and IDE support.



  • graviton - Algorand's TEAL blackbox testing toolkit.
  • tealer - Static TEAL analyser with a set of vulnerability detectors for quick contracts reviews.
  • irulan - Web app for deploying + testing smart contracts (open source! + PRs welcome).
  • algojig - A tool for testing Algorand smart contracts.


  • use-wallet - React hooks for using Algorand compatible wallets with web applications. Developed by txnlab.
  • use-wallet-js - TypeScript library for integrating Algorand wallets into decentralized applications.

DeFi Platforms

Awesome DeFi platforms and protocols on Algorand. Please note that this list is not aimed to promote any specific project, but rather to provide a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem. Do your own research before investing or using any of the projects listed here.

  • Tinyman - A decentralized trading protocol, AMM and platform.
  • Pact - Decentralised Automated Market Maker (AMM) built on the Algorand protocol.
  • - Tokenized real estate investing platform.
  • - Decentralized capital markets protocol.
  • C3 - Cross-margin cross-collateralization clearing engine protocol.
  • - Decentralized liquidity-as-a-service.
  • - A Decentralized Cross-Chain Protocol supporitng Algorand, Polygon, Ethereum and other EVM chains.
  • - Stable and secure digital assets for various purposes such as purchases, remittances and as a store of value.
  • - A decentralized ecosystem of tools primary used as a tool to track and trend Algorand Standard Assets and Liquidity Pools across the ecosystem. The platform also provides a decentralized swap and a launchpad platform.

Nodes & Consensus Participation

  • Algorand - The Undocumented Docs - Dev Notes for Archival Node, Indexer Setup (and more).
  • Nodely - Free Node/Indexer APIs, Node running FAQ, Node/Indexer daily snapshots.
  • Algorand Node UI - Terminal UI for remote Algorand node management.
  • SubQuery - Open, fast, flexible, and decentralised cross-chain data indexer for Algorand (getting started guide).
  • AlgoRun - Simple CLI utility for setting up and starting Algorand MainNet participation node.
  • AlloCTRL - A simple, open source, dashboard to help managing your node and participation keys safely, from your local machine.
  • TxnLab/reti - Provides contracts, a Node Daemon, and a UI for Algorand 'The Reti' consensus incentives, facilitating the creation of decentralized staking pools on the Algorand network to promote broader participation and enhance network security through diversification.

Subscription Management

Awesome subscription management platforms on Algorand. Please note that this list is not aimed to promote any specific project, but rather to provide a comprehensive overview of the ecosystem. Do your own research before investing or using any of the projects listed here.

  • Subtopia - Decentralized subscription management platform for dApp creators and platform on Algorand. Manage and own your subscription infrastructure, setup flexible plans, discounts and get paid in Algo or any ASA token. Created by @aorumbayev.

Security Auditing Services

This section is not aimed to promote any of the companies below, please do your due diligence when researching on options available for audits. Instead, the following is simply aimed to highlight an expanding variety of companies offering smart contract audits for Algorand ecosystem.

  • Certik - CertiK provides the gold standard in web3 security tools, from its industry-leading smart contract audits, to its blockchain analytics tools such as Skynet and SkyTrace, making it the ideal partner in ensuring the end-to-end security of Algorand projects.
  • AlgoBuilder Audits - The team behind AlgoBuilder offering to consult your project, have smart contracts done by professionals, write automated tests or audit your existing project.
  • UlamLabs - A blockchain lab based in Poland, offering auditing services for Algorand smart contracts.
  • Runtime Verification - Smart contract analysis and verification by the team who audited platforms like Algofi, FolksFinance, Yieldly and other prominent DeFi platforms in the ecosystem.
  • Immunebytes - Secure your Algorand Smart Contract with credible security auditing solutions.
  • KudelskiSecurity - Move your blockchain project securely and successfully into production or onto mainnet. Company can help you assess, design, customize, deploy and manage blockchain and digital ledger technology systems so you can confidently leverage security as a powerful differentiator in this dynamic market.
  • algorand-ecosystem-audits - A growing collection of audit reports in the Algorand ecosystem maintained by blockshake-io.
  • Vantage Point Blockchain - Smart contract audits, crypto wallet audit and other penetration testing services in Algorand ecosystem with clients such as Folks.Finance, Pera, Algorand Foundation, Deflex (Defly/Alammex), GARD, Venue.One and others. Reports are signed by velocity.vantagepoint.algo and published at
  • Tenset Security - Comprising a team of Web3 Security Researchers, Tenset Security is dedicated to leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of security excellence. They have a proven track record of success in discovering high-severity vulnerabilities specifically within Algorand projects, emphasizing their expertise and commitment to the Algorand ecosystem.

Blockchain Bridges

This provides a list of bridges that allow for cross-chain transfers of assets between Algorand and other blockchains.

  • Algomint - Centralized BTC and ETH bridge to Algorand.
  • - Centralized cross-chain NFT bridge.
  • ptokens - pNetwork Officially Launched Cross-Chain Bridges for Algorand.
  • Messina - The ALGO — ETH two-way's Bridge will open the doors for interoperability between Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens with Algorand.


A list of oracle solutions that allow for smart contracts to interact with the real world.

  • Gora - Decentralized oracle networks that connect the Algorand blockchain with the real world.

Name Services

A list of name services that allow for human-readable addresses.

  • NFDomains - Algorand name service and marketplace for Non-Fungible Domains (NFDs) — unique, readable aliases for wallet addresses.

Community Resources

The following contains sections related to open source projects, utilities, and news resources.


A list of open source projects, blogs, websites that are built on top of Algorand.

  • - Dapp that can be used to mint ARC3 compliant NFTs.
  • Auction Demo - On-chain NFT auction using smart contracts.
  • Algorand Session Wallet - Session wallet to allow persisted wallet connections across multiple wallets.
  • AlgoWorld-Contracts - Collection of all smart contracts used by AlgoWorld, written in PyTeal.
  • AlgoWorld-Swapper - Free and trustless ASA swapper, powered by Algorand Smart Signatures.
  • WalletConnect Example DApp - Algorand WalletConnect demo.
  • TinyBar App - A tiny macOS menu bar app for tracking ASA prices from TinyMan.
  • algonim - First Algorand mini-puzzle-game. Written in Python+PyTEAL by @cusma.
  • algorealm - Claim the Crown and the Sceptre of Algorand Realm! Written in Python+PyTEAL by @cusma.
  • algorealm-ui - A web CLI Emulator version of algorealm cli game by @aorumbayev.
  • minter - Bulk mint Algorand NFTs following the ARC-69 community standard. Written in Node.js by @fish.exe.
  • algovanity - Algorand Vanity Address Generator from Ripe.
  • galvanity - Galvanity is Algorand vanity address generator written in Go.
  • genpyteal - Generate PyTeal from (mostly) normal Python.
  • AgorHash - Public, permissionless, decentralized and uncensorable free speech protocol.
  • GoPlausible - Proof of anything protocol, built on Algorand. Create or claim your first PLAUS on Algorand!.
  • QRCode Generator
  • algofractals - Mint randomly generated mandelbrot fractals with embedded ARC69 tags. (Archived on Dec 31, 2023)
  • algorewards - Free and unofficial Algorand governance reward calculator. Hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • - Algorand Developer: The unofficial developer resource.
  • Pipeline-UI - A React.js based component library for rapid deployment of Algorand Dapps.
  • STOI - Song ownership gone decentralized via microDAOs.
  • AlgoTables - A suite of tools designed to aid everyday hodlers of ALGO who participate in the Algorand ecosystem.
  • AlgoPing - A tiny cron job that issues a tweet if public Algorand Nodes (AlgoExplorer, AlgoNode and etc) are not healthy.
  • SliceSwap - One place to trade your assets across major Dex's. All swaps are powered by @deflexfi.
  • algodaddy - A blog website for Algorand community.
  • directorydotalgo - Algorand's unofficial ecosystem directory of projects.
  • staketaxcsv - Python backend for that generates taxable transactions CSVs for Algorand and other blockchains.

Algorand Request for Comments

Standards and specs defined in finalized ARCs. The list of all the ARCs can be found here.

Metrics and Analytics Services

Metrics and analytics services for Algorand.

Decentralized voting

Tools for on-chain voting powered by Algorand

  • nft_voting_tool - Official voting tool by Algorand Foundation. The repository contains a voting tool that allows for creation and facilitation of immutable, tamperproof voting using the Algorand blockchain.
  • vote-coin-demo - Decentralized message standard for on-chain voting on Algorand developed by @scholtz.

NFT Marketplaces

Awesome NFT marketplaces and galleries on Algorand.

  • AB2 - decentralized marketplace for crypto art assets secured on the Algorand blockchain created by @ab2_gallery.
  • Rand Gallery - Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) explorer and marketplace developed by Chris Antaki.
  • AlgoGems - Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) markeplace and trading platform for NFT collectors.
  • AlgoWorldExplorer - NFT marketplace, explorer and gallery for AlgoWorld NFTs developed by @aorumbayev.
  • AlgoMart - Opensource NFT marketplace whitelabel solution.
  • ALGOxNFT - NFT gallery and marketplace.
  • Dartroom - Decentralized NFT explorer, minting and trading.
  • Alchemon - Monster-collecting NFT card game.
  • Otherverse - NFT collections marketplace.
  • Musa - Music, Art & Fashion NFT gallery and marketplace.
  • Flatter - NFT art and collectible marketplace.
  • Aorist - NFT art gallery and marketplace.
  • ASA cafe - Algorand Standard Asset platform and decentralized marketplace built by @CryptoRUSHGav. ASA cafe lets users mint and trade freely using the most modern standards, such as ARC-19, in Algo, USDC, or one of ASA cafe's expanding list of curated non-network tokens.
  • Grid - The Grid is a lightweight, static site that executes in the clients frontend to retrieve an arbitrary list of live contracts for users to browse and interact with. The Grid is highly configurable allowing for any of the ZestBloom supported contracts and sale types to be displayed, but through means of a simple configuration file, what gets displayed may easily be constrained to only a specific collection or curated list of sales.


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