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Cryosphere Software, Data and Tools Awesome

A prototype of a curated list of awesome data sources, models, tools and organizations related to the Cryosphere and its subspheres.


Cryosphere - across all subspheres

Cryo Software

  • Antarctic-Plots - A Python package to help download, process, visualize, and plot Antarctic data.
  • earthspy - Monitor and study any place on Earth and in Near Real-Time (NRT) with satellite data
  • xDEM - A Python module developed by glaciologists for handling DEMs: read/write, coregistration, volume change calculation etc.

Cryo Data

  • NSIDC - The (US) National Snow and Ice Data Center
  • NSIDC Data Tutorials - Jupyter notebook guides to access, subset, transform, and visualize data products from NSIDC
  • Arctic Data Center - Data and software from NSF Arctic research

Frozen Ground/Permafrost

FGP Software

Data Handling

  • tsp - A python library for reading, writing, visualizing and manipulating ground temperature data (p)


  • FreeThaw1D A fast 1d heat transfer model with phase change (p)

FGP Data

Ice Sheets and Glaciers

ISG Software

ISG Open Source Models

Ice Flow and Mass Balance
  • ALPGM - ALpine Parameterized Glacier Model. Deep learning-based regional glacier evolution model (p)
  • CISM - Community Ice Sheet Model (p)
  • CFM - Community Firn Model (p)
  • DEISM ice-sheet-model - DEpth integrated Ice Sheet Model (DEISM)
  • Elmer/Ice - Open Source Finite Element Software for Ice Sheet, Glaciers and Ice Flow Modelling
  • Fenics Ice - Ice Sheet model with Bayesian Uncertainty Quantification (p).
  • flowline-glacier-model - Flowline glacier model by Andy Aschwanden
  • Glacier Energy and Mass Balance (GEMB v1.0) - Energy and Mass Balance Model with focus on firn (part of ISSM) (p, preprint).
  • glacier-flow-model - Modelling glacier flow, based on the glaciers mass balance and a digital elevation model
  • icepack - Finite element modeling of glaciers and ice sheets
  • ICESHEET - Creates ice sheet reconstructions using a perfectly plastic approximation, using ice margins and basal shear stress as inputs
  • icetools - icetools provides a development environment for numerical ice flow models/simulations
  • ISSM - Ice Sheet System Model
  • MPAS-Albany Land Ice (MALI) - a variable-resolution ice sheet model for earth system modeling using voronoi grids
  • OGGM - Open Global Glacier Model: a modular open source model for glacier dynamics (p)
  • PISM - Parallel Ice Sheet Model (p)
  • PyGEM - Python Glacier Evolution Model (PyGEM)
  • sia-fluxlim - Implementation of a MUSCL-superbee flux limiter to a shallow ice approximation flow code based on finite differences
  • SICOPOLIS - SImulation COde for POLythermal Ice Sheets
  • speceis_flowline - Width-parameterized flowline version of the spectral ice sheet model (SpecEIS)
  • Stochastic Ice-Sheet and Sea-Level System Model (StISSM) - Stochastic implementation of ISSM (p, preprint)
  • Úa - A large-scale ice-flow model
  • UFEMISM - The Utrecht FinitE voluMe Ice-Sheet Model (p)
  • VarGlaS - The source code repository for the Variational Glacier Simulator (VarGlaS) code (p)
  • Yelmo - a 3D ice-sheet-shelf model solving for the coupled dynamics and thermodynamics of the ice sheet system (p)
(Surface) Mass Balance only
  • pypdd - A positive degree day model for glacier surface mass balance (p)
  • COSIPY - A flexible and user-friendly framework for modeling distributed snow and glacier mass changes (p)
  • MAR - A regional climate model for modelling surface mass balance (p)
Calving/Frontal Ablation
  • cryo_calving_2019 - Experiments with a minimal Frontal ablation model added to OGGM
  • HiDEM - Helsinki Discrete Element Model, a particle model for simulating elastic behaviour, fracture and calving at marine terminating glaciers (p)
  • SERMeQ - Tool to estimate advance, retreat, and sea level contribution of calving glaciers forced by upstream surface mass balance, based on viscoplastic physics (p)
  • CCHF - Cryosphere hydrology modeling package written in Matlab (p)
  • DEBAM/DETIM - Distributed Energy Balance Model (DEBAM) and Distributed Enhanced Temperature Index Model (DETIM): Two Distributed Glacier Surface Mass-Balance and Discharge Models (p, p)
Sub-/Englacial Hydrology
  • 1Dhydro - Example subglacial hydrology model for teaching. Subglacial processes workshop at Centre for Ice and Climate, The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen 7-11 th April 2014
  • RchannelODE.jl - Solves the 1D steady state R-channel equations
  • SHAKTI - Subglacial hydrology and kinetic transient interactions (p)
  • bod-marine - exact solution to marine ice sheet 1D problem, coming from Bodvardsson (1955)
  • debadvect - FEM model for englacial debris transport
  • Glacier initialization - Method to reconstruct estimated glacier states up to 1850
  • GlacialLakeHazards - Matlab codes from PhD work on glacial lake outburst flood hazards in the Nepal Himalaya
  • icepack-py - Python bindings and utility scripts for icepack
  • Rounce2014_debristhickness - Codes associated with deriving the debris thickness of debris-covered glaciers from Landsat thermal imagery
  • SELEN - Calculates glacial isostatic adjustment and the sea level equation
  • sia-fve - implicit finite volume element (FVE) method for the shallow ice approximation (SIA) free-boundary problem

ISG Closed/On-Demand Source Models

Ice Flow and Mass Balance
  • f.ETISh - Fast Elementary Thermomechanical Ice Sheet Model (p)
  • GagliardiniWerder2018 - Influence of an increasing surface melt over decadal timescales on land terminating outlet glaciers (paper)
  • GloGEM - A model for global glacier change and sea-level rise (p)
  • GloGEMflow - Extended version of the Global Glacier Evolution Model (GloGEM), in which both surface mass balance and ice flow are explicitly accounted for (p)
  • GERM - Glacier Evolution and Runoff Model (p)
  • PollardDeConto2012 - 3D hybrid ice sheet-shelf model for long-term continental-scale applications (p)
Sub-/Englacial Hydrology
  • Beyeretal2017 - A confined–unconfined aquifer model for subglacial hydrology and its application to the north east Greenland ice stream (paper)
  • Brinkerhoffetal2011 - Inversion of a glacier hydrology model (paper)
  • BuelervanPelt2015 - Mass-conserving subglacial hydrology in the Parallel Ice Sheet Model version 0.6 (paper)
  • deFleurian2016 - A modeling study of the effect of runoff variability on the effective pressure beneath Russell Glacier, West Greenland (paper)
  • Hewitt2017 - Modelling distributed and channelized subglacial drainage: the spacing of channels (paper)
  • HoffmanPrice2014 - Feedbacks between coupled subglacial hydrology and glacier dynamics (paper)
  • KesslerAnderson2004 - Testing a numerical glacial hydrological model using spring speed‐up events and outburst floods (paper)
  • PimentelFlowers2010 - A numerical study of hydrologically driven glacier dynamics and subglacial flooding (paper)
  • Werderetal2013 - Modeling channelized and distributed subglacial drainage in two dimensions (paper)

ISG Visualization Tools

  • GLIMS Glacier Viewer - Global Land Ice Measurememts from Space (GLIMS) / Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers (GTN-G) Glacier Viewer covering a range of inventories
  • OGGM-edu - Interactive glacier apps for educational purposes
  • WGMS Smartphone App - Browsing glaciers worldwide and in your proximity
  • WGMS FoG Browser - Fluctuations of Glaciers Dataset Browser
  • GLAMOS - Browsing Swiss glaciers on an interactive map
  • iceplotlib - Plotting tools for PISM using matplotlib and netcdf4-python

ISG Remote Sensing Software

  • DIC_FFT - Detect and quantify surface displacements in multi-temporal images (p)
  • glaciersat - Tools to observe glaciers from satellite imagery, such as albedo calculation and transient snow line detection
  • icepyx - Python tools for obtaining and working with ICESat-2 laser altimetry data

ISG Data

ISG Global Data

  • FoG - Fluctuations of Glaciers with point, elevation band and specific mass balance measurements
  • Glacier Length Fluctuations - Glacier Length Database by Paul Leclercq
  • GlaThiDa - Glacier Thickness Dataset with point, elevation band and specific ice thickness measurements
  • RGI - Randolph Glacier Inventory, a global inventory of glacier outlines (report an issue)
  • WGI - World Glacier Inventory
  • ITS_LIVE - A NASA MEaSUREs project to provide automated, low latency, global glacier flow and elevation change datasets.

ISG National Data

  • GLAMOS - Glacier Monitoring Switzerland: the Swiss glacier data portal]

ISG Educational Tools and Data

Sea Ice

SI Software

SI Data


SN Software

  • SNOWPACK - multi-purpose snow and land-surface model (p)
  • cosipy - Coupled snowpack and ice surface energy and mass balance model in Python
  • FSM2 - Flexible Snow Model: a multi-physics energy balance model of accumulation and melt of snow on the ground and in forest canopies (p)
  • snowtools - D. Shean's utilities for working with snow data
  • let-it-snow - Operational snow cover detection from optical multispectral level 2A products (p)
  • openAMUNDSEN - Modular snow and hydroclimatological modeling framework
  • TARTES - Two-stream radiative transfer in Snow model, also available as a webapp
  • snowoptics - Functions to compute spectral albedo and extinction of snow on flat and tilted terrains, also available as a webapp
  • SMRT - Snow Microwave Radiative Transfer model to calculate scattering of microwave radiation in snow (p)

SN Data

SN Global Data


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This is a link list with awesome data, models, and tools around the cryosphere.







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