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Before posting any job:

For every people who want to post job here, please read CAREFULLY everything we write here, or your job post will not be accepted.

Awesome Board

A community-based job board that connect the best developers to the best companies in Vietnam and overseas! We place our core value in the IT communities, we win when our community win.

If you are recruiting, please be noted that we strongly believe that good companies always provide the best job posts. It is our duty to uphold this belief by asking that you, the company's HR (not recruitment agency), to comply with our strict rules below. If the job post does not meet our requirements, it would get deleted after 2 days.


What types of job could you advertise?

We only accept job posts for following technologies:

  • Ruby/Hanami/Ruby On Rails
  • Python/Django
  • Go
  • Erlang/Elixir/Phoenix
  • C/C++
  • Rust
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Clojure
  • JS +/- HTML/CSS
  • Haskell
  • Crystal
  • Android/iOS
  • all .Net based languages
  • UI/UX
  • PHP/Lavarel/Symphony

We are open to stack that are not listed too.

How to submit a new job post?

  1. Submit a GitHub issue ticket.
  2. After submission, your job post will be temporarily closed for review and will be reopened once approved.

How long would a job post live?

3 months. Lapsed job post would be closed automatically. Feel free to re-open the job post.

What is the format of the job post?

Every job post MUST strictly be written in English. Furthermore, it must comply the following rules:

Title Format

[Company Name] - [Job Title] - [Location] - [Job Type]

in which [Job Type] could be:

  • FT (for Full Time)
  • PT (for Part Time)
  • C (for Contract)


Facebook - Chief Software Architect - Remote/Saigon - FT

Please be noted, title cannot be all caps like this:


No special formattings like square brackets, for eg [Chief] Software Architect or salary, for eg Chief Software Architect - HOT $4k salary.

Job Description Format

The content MUST be in Markdown format.

If you're not familiar with Markdown, please take this quick guide before you continue.

We prepare the following template for you (you can include more details if you like, pictures are always great additions):

## Location (MUST)

* Saigon, Vietnam

## Salary Expectation (MUST)

* $5000/month or range

## Requirements (MUST)

* Brainfuck language or any esoteric programming language
* PostgreSQL
* AWS products
* 25+ years experience in COBOL/FORTRAN

## Skills

### Must Have (MUST)

* Be able to fly
* Be able to dodge bullet
* Be able to tell differences between Java and JavaScript

### Ideally

* Experience with 

### Responsibilities (REQUIRED)

Great power comes with great responsibilities!

### You’ll be responsible for

* Building a new Facebook

### You can bring

* A good eyes for design
* A good analyis skill

### Why it would be awesome to work with us (REQUIRED)

* Free breakfast/lunch/dinner with 3 Michelin star chef
* Free gym membership
* Opportunity to travel the world
### Interesting Engineering Projects (REQUIRED)

* Zero-downtime deployment for long-running background jobs
* Writing a database abstraction layer to interface with different database technologies at once: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redshift, BigQuery, Presto

### Contact (MUST)
Trollman: trollman_at_gmail_dot_com (mobile number optional)

Checklists before submission

Please ensure you do check for typo, grammar, and our guideline before submitting the post.


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