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A collection of Functions for AWS Lambda
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A collection of useful Tools and Functions for AWS Lambda


In this section, we will note the languages that it supports, how it differs from the other frameworks, and the language it is written in.

  • AWS Serverless Application Model - Natively supported with CloudFormation
  • Apex - Go/Java/JavaScript/Python/(Others) - Hookable build process, supports deploying infrastructure using Terraform - Go
  • Chalice - Python2.7 - Written by AWS, still in preview - Python
  • Gordon - Go/Java/JavaScript/Python/Scala - Automatically packages dependencies, integration with pip/npm/gradle, Deploys resources using CloudFormation - Python
  • Serverless - Java/JavaScript/Python/Scala - Lots of Plugins, Deploys resources using CloudFormation - JavaScript
  • Zappa - Python
  • Backand - Node.JS/JavaScript - A serverless development platform built to make AWS Lambda easier. Create your own Lambda functions, or connect your AWS account to use your Lambda functions in the Lambda Launcher tool, providing easy access to running your Lambda functions
  • FuseLess - CFML/ColdFusion - a toolkit for running Lambda functions written in CFML.

Reference Architectures


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