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@BryanH BryanH released this Mar 6, 2021

  • Tests work with Ruby 2.6.6, 2.7.2 and 3.0.0$
  • Update awsome_print.gemspec nokogiri dependency to resolve CVEs [@gvwirth]
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@BryanH BryanH released this Jan 31, 2021

No functional changes, just some behind-the-scenes updates:

  • Updated code so it can be released to rubygems.
  • Updated nokogiri to resolve vulnerability scan
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@BryanH BryanH released this Jan 18, 2021

There are a number of changes, so please report any bugs you find!


  • Expanded tests to run against Ruby 2.7.x, Rails 6.0-6.1 and Mongoid 7.0-7.1 [@BryanH]
  • Update method signature after change in IRB [@febeling]
  • Fixes block and proc definition to work with Ruby 3.0.0 [@csalvato] - [#392]
  • Removed check for Ruby 2.4 and earlier [@BryanH]
  • Rails 5.0 builds are failing, because the sqlite3 version being installed is wrong version [#366]
  • Fixes spec suite to properly work via travis, gets a clean build [@imajes, others]
  • Adds support for ActiveModel::Errors [@dshinzie] - [#301]
  • removes use of strip_heredoc from specs as it's a rails dep [@kstephens] - [#303]
  • ArrayFormatter now returns arrays for has_many :through associations [@Chadh13] - [#332]
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