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Awesome Userscripts Awesome Build Status PRs Welcome

A curated list of Awesome Userscripts.

User scripts can improve your browsing experience, and open a lot of possibilities to make the sites you visit better by adding features, making them easier to use, or taking out the annoying bits.


How to use

To use user scripts you need to first install a user script manager. Here are managers for various browsers:

  • Greasemonkey - Firefox
    • Supports GM 4 userscripts.
  • Greasemonkey for Pale Moon - Pale Moon
    • Supports GM 3 userscripts.
  • Firemonkey - Firefox
    • Supports GM 4 userscripts and some GM 3 userscripts.
  • Tampermonkey - Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox (also with support for mobile Dolphin Browser and UC Browser)
    • Supports both GM 3 and GM 4 userscripts.
  • USI - Firefox
    • Supports some GM 3 userscripts.
  • Violentmonkey - Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera
    • Supports both GM 3 and GM 4 userscripts.

The most popular userscript managers are Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, and Violentmonkey.

There's no focused plugins to get Userscripts running on Internet Explorer, but the Adguard extension provide this feature.




  • Anti-Adblock Killer - Bypasses anti-adblock functionality in websites.
  • AntiAdware - Remove forced download accelerators, managers, and adware on supported websites.
  • AdsBypasser - Bypass Ads, Popups and count-down ads.
  • BraveGPT - Display ChatGPT answers in Brave Search sidebar.



  • DuckDuckGPT - Display ChatGPT answers in DuckDuckGo sidebar.




  • Handy Image - Displays the full size image for many image hosting websites, skipping popups and other annoying stuff.
  • Image Max URL - Finds larger or original versions of images/videos for thousands of supported websites, including a customizable image popup feature.
  • Mouseover Popup Image Viewer - (Deprecated) Shows images and videos behind links and thumbnails.
  • Mouseover Popup Image Viewer (updated fork) - An updated fork of MPIV, maintained by one of Violentmonkey's developers.
  • Picviewer CE+ - Powerful picture viewing tool which can popup/scale/rotate/batch save pictures automatically.



  • Hide YouTube recommendations - Hides the thumbnails and titles of the recommended videos to reduce distraction and procrastination.
  • Iridium - Adds a lot of extra functionality to YouTube, including pop-out videos, extra control over video/comment feeds, and much more.
  • YouTube Classic - Reverts YouTube to its classic design (unround corners, restore dislikes + remove/redirect Shorts).
  • YouTube Peek Preview - See video thumbnails, ratings and other details when you mouse over a Youtube link from almost any website.
  • YouTube Subtitle Download - Adds links to download video subtitles.


Additional Catalogues



Contributions are very welcome!

Please have a look at CONTRIBUTING for guidelines.



To the extent possible under law, Bruno Candido Volpato da Cunha has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.