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Spotify to apple music Conversion, check it out:
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Spotify Apple Music Playlist conveter

Spotify to Apple Music playlist conversion

A Work in progress currently dealing with two major issues:

  • Composer information is required to mimic a proper playlist file. Unable to find infroamtion through ITunes api.
  • Itunes api has set limit for community request at 1 request every 3 seconds, making the retrival process slow.

What it can do:

  • Using spotify API and callback can access user music library lisitng all playlists
  • once a playlist is selcted all songs in the playlist are dispalyed in a list as embeded spotify players
  • beside the spotify list an apple music embeded player list is created, with any 403 errors repalced with a rick roll.

Apple Music to Spotify playlist conversion

Major issue: - Accuracy of search results

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