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Awesome v4.2 is the second release of the 4.x API. It mostly fixes the bugs
reported over the last 3 months and adds a couple widgets. Almost 150 issues
have been resolved or decided to be obsolete.

Noteworthy fixes

  • The annoying maximization regression from v4.1 has been fixed
  • Fixes broken drag&drop with some applications like FlowBlade
  • Changing the keyboard layout using xmodmap is now much faster
  • Fixes a regression that prevents Awesome to start when the wallpaper is invalid
  • The client history is now more reliable
  • Another instance where clients ended up in the wrong screen has been fixed
  • Awesome will no longer generate zombie processes when restarted
  • All official themes now support HiDPI screens
  • The magnifier layout has been fixed
  • The menubar has been fixed for Lua 5.1 users

New features

  • The hotkey popup has been extended to support Firefox, Qutebrowser and TMUX
  • Naughty (the notification system) has a new ignore_suspend flag
  • The textclock widget now supports timezones
  • New utility functions have been added:
    • gears.string.split
    • gears.table.map
    • gears.filesystem.make_parent_directories
  • New widget functions (moved out of the gears module):
    • wibox.widget.draw_to_cairo_context
    • wibox.widget.draw_to_svg_file
    • wibox.widget.draw_to_image_surface
  • Maximization requests from clients can now be intercepted using a
    request::geometry signal handler.
  • A new wibox.layout.manual layout has been added (see below)
  • Two new calendar widgets have been added, a widget and a popup (see below)
  • The ratio layout now supports various strategies to redistribute space
  • The stack layout now supports offsets
  • The notifications now have a naughty.destroy_all_notifications() function
  • The xresources theme now supports the titlebar hover and press states

Behavior changes

  • The client property::floating is now also emitted when the floating
    state changes implicitly, e.g. because the client gets maximized or
  • Building Awesome from its root source directory is no longer supported and
    will print an error.