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On AwesomeData community

The AwesomeData community consists primarily, although not solely, of its online presence in mailing lists and activities such as blog postings and comments, the GitHub repository, and so on. The vision of the AwesomeData community is contributing a pure list of high quality datasets for open communities such as academia, research, education etc.

The following policy is a guideline to propose new data items and maintain existing items with outdated information:

  1. A dataset is considered as high quality when one or more of the following criteria are met:

    • Uncommon to obtain in the open community legally;
    • Contributing valuable knowledge for a specific domain;
    • Able to be downloaded directly from the linked site, i.e., not barred by login or purchasing;
    • No advertisement! No Spam! No reputation promotion!
  2. A new pull request will be merged into the core repository after passing automatic validation and maintainer's review.

  3. An existing dataset item with outdated information (e.g., unavailable site) will be removed after a while without new update.

How to contribute a new data entry

It is simple to contribute to APD:

  1. Fork apd-core repository into your own namespace such as yourname/apd-core.

  2. Clone your project locally:

git clone
cd apd-core
  1. Create a new data entry from template PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.yml.

For example, we want create NEW_DATASET.yml under category folder of Government:

cp PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.yml ./core/Government/NEW_DATASET.yml

Then edit data fields as you want:

vim ./core/Government/NEW_DATASET.yml 

For data validation, it requires three essential data fields: title, homepage and category, while the category should be the same with the folder name, i.e., "Government" in the example.

In a nutshell, you should get a basic entry like

title: New Dataset Name
category: Government
  1. Run local test to validate your modification:
# With python
sudo pip install -r tests/requirements.txt
  1. Commit local modifications to your repository:
git add ./core/Government/NEW_DATASET.yml
git commit -m "Add NEW_DATASET under government"  # Any message as you want
git push origin master
  1. Create a new Pull Request to the trunk repository on Github page, usually
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