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This is the online wiki for Awesomium, a Web UI Bridge for Native Apps.

Check it out at:

To Create a New Category

Let's make a new category named "My Category" with a path of "/my-category"

  1. Create a folder named "my-category" in the root of the repo.

  2. Create a file named "" inside this folder

  3. Add the following text to this file (modify it as needed):

     layout: page
     title : Category - My Category
     group: Categories
     {% include JB/setup %}
       {% assign pages_list = site.pages %}
       {% assign group = 'My Category' %}
       {% include JB/pages_list %}
  4. Open up _config.yml and add your 'name' and 'path' to the 'groups' list.

  5. Start making pages with a group of 'My Category'!

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