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Description of Arquillian Awestruct usage
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- The Arquillian guys are doing some really cool stuff with awestruct,
- HTML5 and Javascript.
+ Arquillian has an modern, HTML5-based website baked with Awestruct. The site uses more than a dozen Awestruct extensions, many custom made. It introduces a release extension, which builds on the [`Posts` extension](/extensions/posts/) to dynamically create a post for each software release. It also has an extension that creates module and contributor pages by analyzing the project's source repositories.
+ The site leverages REST APIs heavily to pull in data, some of which is collected during site baking and the rest retrieved on page load using JSON-P and jQuery plugins.
+ The site's theme is built on [Bootstrap]( It's arranged on a 12-column fixed grid and has a responsive layout. The CSS classes are semantic, achieved by extending Bootstrap classes and mixing in custom styles using SASS.
[Site source](

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