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Awestruct GUI Editor

Getting Started

  1. Clone this repo into a directory: https://github.com/awestruct/web-editor.git

  2. Move into the directory: cd web-editor

  3. Install dependencies: bundle install

  4. Start the server: rackup

Using a different web server

If you would like to use something besides Webrick simply install the different ruby server by adding one of the following lines to the bottom of Gemfile:

gem 'puma'
gem 'thin'
We recommend puma as it works with the widest matrix of ruby versions and architectures.

After one of those servers has been added to the Gemfile run

bundle install

then proceed with rackup.

Browser Support

The application takes advantage of the latest in CSS3 flexbox so the following browsers are currently supported:

  • Google Chrome Latest

  • Firefox 22+

  • Safari 6+


compass watch to watch for SASS changes

Create a copy of the app for usage

Run rake assets:deploy to copy the files necessary for using the server to the deploy directory (by default /opt/web-editor)