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Code.require_file "test_helper.exs", __DIR__
defmodule ChashTest do
use ExUnit.Case
import Enum
import ConsistentHash
@nb_key 1000
@test_set 1..@nb_key |> fn _ -> :crypto.rand_bytes(100) end
@nodes [:n1,:n2,:n3,:n4,:n5,:n6,:n7]
test "each node should be assign to roughly the same nb of keys" do
ring = ring_for_nodes(@nodes)
res_set = @test_set |> map(fn k -> node_for_key(ring,k) end)
counts = @nodes |> fn n -> (res_set |> Enum.count &(&1==n)) end
mean = @nb_key/length(@nodes)
assert(counts|>Enum.all?(&(abs(&1-mean) < mean*0.3)))
test "if we remove a node, only ~nb_keys/nb_node keys have to move" do
ring = ring_for_nodes(@nodes)
ring2 = ring_for_nodes(@nodes ++ [:n8])
res1_set = @test_set |> map(fn k -> {k,node_for_key(ring,k)} end)
IO.inspect res1_set
res2_set = @test_set |> map(fn k -> {k,node_for_key(ring2,k)} end)
diff = Set.difference(Enum.into(res1_set,, Enum.into(res2_set, |> Set.size
mean_per_node = Enum.count(@test_set)/length(@nodes)
assert(diff < mean_per_node*1.1)
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