Synchronize releases with lombok releases #2

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I am really interested in using this plugin in my project. as I realized the past few days that my maven-exec-plugin solution was a little more fragile than I thought. However this plugin is getting out of sync with the lombok releases, which do to a bug in the Lombok 0.9.3 release prevents me from generating javadoc correctly.

I know that two days ago the project was updated to use 0.10.0-RC3, but can the project be released on maven central with this change? This would really help those who need features available only in recent versions but also need Javadoc


Thanks for your interest in this project.

Unfortunately, I am unable to cut a release with 0.10.0-RC3 (or RC1 or RC2) due to some bugs. Specifically:
The good news is that this particular issue has been fixed in lombok's master -- but I really need that released first. I'm not sure how soon 0.10.0 will arrive -- possibly 0.10.RC4 may get cut first.

Please be assured that once 0.10.0 is released, I am expecting a release within about 24 hours.

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