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This bundle should be used as a starting point for the "TheGame" TDD-Excersice. It provides a wrapper implementation for using linux sockets, string parser and a test-framework:


Just download this repository and unpack it. See section Makefile usage for further details.


TestCases (tg_client_test)

Some example TestCases are already implemented under test/tg_client_test.cpp. The intention is, that every testcase should go into that file.


You have to add you Class under test to the TEST_OBJECTS list in the head of the Makefile, e.g.: TEST_OBJECTS = TestClass.o

Client (tg_client)

An example implementation of the client is located in src/tg_client.cpp. It is recommended to use at least the file as an entry-point for the client implementation (int main() here).


  • The Makefile implemented to use *.cpp as C++ file-extension.
  • Add new classes to the OBJECTS list in the Makefile.

Makefile usage

make setup will unpack and compile the googletest framework and create some mandatory folders. After running the setup target your folder should look like this:

|-files/ (gtest*.zip)
|-gtest/ (googletest framework including "include" dir)
|-src/   (source files, include tg_client.cpp, sockwrpr/.*, strtk/strtk.hpp)
|-lib/   (libgtest.a)
|-obj/   (obj-files dir)
|-test/  (test sources)
|-tg_client       (make tg_client)
|-tg_client_test  (make test)

make [all] will generate the tg_client, which has an example implementation of how to use the SocketWrapper package (sockwrpr). The following files will be generated:

  • tg_client
  • tg_client_test

make test will just compile test.

make test_run will call the target test and runs the tests after that.

make clean will remove obj/.

make cleaner uses clean and will also remove the executeables (tg_client, tg_client_test).

make cleanest uses cleaner and will also remove the googletest-framework directory gtest/ and lib/

It is recommended to use make test_run to execute the TestCases.


This bundle does not use the boost library for strtk (disabled during compile process).