An IRC bot that uses SELinux Sandboxes to let you evaluate code in a large number languages.
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Rublets is an IRC bot in ruby which uses tsion's on_irc library, with a small collection of other rubygems, to provide a safe general-purpose code-evaluation IRC bot.

How It Works

Rublets takes advantage of an SELinux feature called sandboxing. On any Linux system with SELinux, you can run the sandbox command to safely evaluate commands without risk of harming the computer. Rublets, by default, stores its sandbox data in ~/.rublets/ of whichever user it runs as.

When Rublets is asked to evaluate ruby, it does the following:

  1. Write the code to a file that the sandboxed ruby can access.
  2. Write the code to a file that can not be reached by the sandbox, for audit purposes.
  3. Ask the sandbox to evaluate the code using ruby.
  4. Remove the sandbox-accessible code.

Setting up rubies

Rublets uses RVM so that it can evaluate multiple ruby versions/implementations. Setting up RVM for use with Rublets is a bit tricky.

Set up RVM as your regular user with however many rubies you want, then from the rublets directory, run ./

What it can evaluate (if given selinux permissions, and if the interpreters/compilers are installed):

Shells Bash Zsh
C-like C C++ Go Objective-C
Lisps Apricot Clojure CLISP Perpetual Racket Scheme (via Kawa) sbcl
Erlang VM Elixir Erlang
Stack-based Forth
Functional Haskell OCaml SML(/NJ)
Prototype-based Io JavaScript Lua
Misc Arroyo Brainfuck Clay Frink (non-foss) Golfscript (no license) J LOLCODE Maxima OOC Pascal Prolog Smalltalk SQLite 3
Scripting Befunge Perl 5 Perl 6 PHP Python Python 3 Ruby
JVM-based Ceylon Clojure Groovy Java Scala
.NET C# F#


Rublets uses @programble's Configru gem interally. All this means for you, the user, is that you need to copy rublets.yml.dist to rublets.yml, edit it, and be on your way.


Contributions are gladly accepted. Please run the specs and ensure they pass.


The original project (duckinator/rubino) from which Rublets was forked, was ISC. However, most if not all of the original code has been greatly modified or removed. With permission from @duckinator for anything I am missing, that is still original, I am releasing this project as GPLv2+, as of the commit in which this text appears.