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bot gists

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Post the gist ids of bots you'd like to share below. Just the id is needed (eg: fce7a9c823e49ead39e9).

They can then be downloaded from the command line using:

bundle exec rtanque get_gist <gist id>

  • 5146511

    • Rort1: simply moves around (on course NE, SE, SW, NE) and fires like sample bot Seek&Destroy
    • Rort2: Rort1 but sometimes hits moving targets
    • Rort3: Rort2 but moves different (tries to avoid reflex angle)
    • All Rorts: Rort1 ignores other Rort1s, Rort2 ignores other Rort2s - unless you press "f" for friendly fire
  • 5909793

    • Marksman: Keeps moving in the same pattern regardless of other tanks. Uses some trigonometry to transform the position of the nearest known opponent from polar to cartesian coordinates. Calculates opponent velocity using the change in position between ticks, and uses this to estimates the best shooting angle. Always use maximum canon power, which from trial and error seems to travel at 5 units per tick.
  • 0af8939f9db376a089dd

    • Armando: This bot does some approximation on enemy position and tries to evade moving to random positions. Accurracy is its best feature.
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