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NW Coding Bootcamp Project 1
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index.html - A News & Charities app

Project Description

An app that allows users to read news pertinent to the United States while being informed about related events/charity organizations. The objective is to build communities of socially responsible citizens who do not just passively consume news- but take actionable steps towards making a better country.

API's used

News API

News API was usedto obtain news articles.

  • Below is the query string used for the AJAX call.
var newsURL = '';
newsURL += 'q=' + query;
newsURL += '&apiKey=<YOUR API KEY HERE';
newsURL += '&pageSize=6';
newsURL += '&sortBy=publishedAt';
newsURL += '&language=en';
// news AJAX call
    url: newsURL,
    method: "GET"
}).then(function (newsresponse) {
    console.log("news AJAX: ", newsresponse);
    newsData = newsresponse; // save newsresponse to global variable newsData to be used later
    newsFinder.newsGenerator(newsresponse, query);

Charity Navigator API

Charity Navigator API from Charity Navigator was used to obtain charities.

  • Below is the query string and AJAX used to get the information:
var requestURL = "";
requestURL += "?app_id=<YOUR APP ID>";
requestURL += "&app_key=<YOUR API KEY>";
requestURL += "&pageSize=6";
requestURL += "&rated=true";
requestURL += "&search=" + query;
requestURL += "&categoryID=" + id;

// charity AJAX call
    url: requestURL,
    method: "GET"
}).then(function (response) {
    console.log("Charities Search: ", response);


On the main page if it's a first time user the main content will be empty. If the user was there before and had done a search the page will load news cards based on the last search.

  • Dropdown Listener:

    • When the user selects a category from the dropdown list, an event listener will get the ID and value of the selected drowndown item.
    • The listener will send the values to the method.
  • Search listener:

  • newsFinder Object:

    • The .search() method will take the input argument and obtain JSON data from the news API using an AJAX function
      • assigns that to an object called newsresponse.
      • newsResponse is sent to the newsfinder.newsGenerator() method to create 6 cards based from the newsresponse object.
    • The .newsGenerator() method runs a FOR loop will loop 6 times to generate 6 news cards that a user can click on.
    • The .articleGenerator() method is called when a news card is clicked.
      • This hides the news cards content
      • Unhides the single article element and populates it with the article img, title, content, and source.
      • This also calls the method to generate charity cards at the bottom of the article.
      • If the user clicks on the Return button, the article element is emptied and the news cards are unhidden.
  • charityNavigator Object:

    • The .search() method takes the query string and is used for the AJAX method to obtain 6 charities from the Charity Navigator API and is assigned to the global variable charityData. This is sent to the method charityNavigator.charitiesGenerator method as an input argument.
    • The .charitiesGenerator() method takes the charityData object.
      • A For Loop is used to create the cards based on the number of items in the charityData object.
      • Each card is a clickable link to the charity's URL.
      • If there is no charity URL, the link is replaced with Charity Navigator's review page instead.
  • Firebase for user persistence

    • Anonymous Authentication was used to get a user ID so that the app can save the last search and favorites in the Real-Time Database (RTDB) under their user ID.
    • The current search item will be set as the last search in the RTDB
    • When the user adds a favorite, it will be pushed into the RTDB under favorites.

Firebase notes

Creating User IDs using Anonymous Authentication

firebase.auth().signInAnonymously().catch(function(error) {
  // Handle Errors here.
  var errorCode = error.code;
  var errorMessage = error.message;
  // ...
  • obtain user id with the following code:
firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged(function (user) {
    if (user) {
        // User is signed in.
        var isAnonymous = user.isAnonymous;
        console.log("user signed in?: ", isAnonymous);
        user_id = user.uid;
    } else {
        // User is signed out.

.set() sets a value:

    name: name,
    age: age,
    phone: phone

.push() - Push to add child data (From 7.3, Excercise 18-19).

    name: name,
    email: email,
    age: age,
    comment: comment,
    dateAdded: firebase.database.ServerValue.TIMESTAMP

.ref().on("value", function (snapshot) {..}) - Getting values when changes occur:

    // Firebase watcher + initial loader HINT: .on("value")
    // When changes occurs it will print them to console and html
    database.ref("/contact").on("value", function (snapshot) {

      // Print the initial data to the console.

      // Log the value of the various properties

      // Change the HTML

      // If any errors are experienced, log them to console.
    }, function (errorObject) {
      console.log("The read failed: " + errorObject.code);

.ref).on("child_added", ... - When a child has been added event?

// Firebase watcher + initial loader HINT: .on("value")
dataRef.ref().on("child_added", function(snapshot) {
  // Log everything that's coming out of snapshot

  // Change the HTML to reflect

  // Handle the errors
}, function(errorObject) {
  console.log("Errors handled: " + errorObject.code);

.ref().orderByChild() AND .limitToLast(5) - Sorting and Filtering

  • Sorting: orderByChild()
  • Filtering: limitToLast()
dataREf.ref().orderByChild("dateAdded").limitToLast(5).on("child_added", function(...

.exists() checks to see if there is existing data.

    // If Firebase has a highPrice and highBidder stored (first case)
    if (snapshot.child("highBidder").exists() && snapshot.child("highPrice").exists()) {

        // Set the local variables for highBidder equal to the stored values in firebase.
        highBidder = snapshot.val().highBidder;
        highPrice = parseInt(snapshot.val().highPrice);

Setting Child Name and value

  • database.ref("users").child(user_id).set(name);

Finding exact matches

  • use equalTo() method to filter based on exact matches
    ref.orderByChild("height").equalTo(25).on("child_added", function(snapshot) {
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